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The worst thing any parent can do when it comes to Arizona Family Law, is to go to court unprepared. It is absolutely critical that you have capable representation in an Arizona court room, because what you take for granted (just because you saw it on TV) is likely to get you into trouble in front of an Arizona Superior Court judge - if you try to do the same thing. It's not that the law is purposely tricky or slanted so that you must hire an attorney, it's simply that the laws pertaining to domestic relations and family law are very complex and much is derived from case law. In other words, cases that a judge has ruled on already, which set precedent for similar situations that come after. Granted, you may believe that your situation deserves unique scutiny, and to a degree it will be, but there's a larger possibility that another case, somewhere in the law books, is very similar to yours.

Laws pertaining to division of assets, child custody, child support, and parental rights and visitation are well established in Arizona case law. They've been honed over the years to be as fair as possible, with the safety of all in mind. Especially of any children involved. That, too, is where having an Attorney is really important. Your lawyer can sometimes anticipate the predisposition of certain judges to the way they rule on cases based on experience from other mutual cases. Then perhaps can help you present your case to that judge in a way that can enlighten the judge towards (or away from) elements in your case that might seem pertinent or distracting.

Judges probably don't know you personally, so don't expect them to believe your story is true just because you say it is. There are always two sides to every story - especially in a court room - and the judge initially will treat both sides with equal respect. Very often, respondents and petitioners who are unrepresented will quickly lose favor with a judge because they don't follow court room procedures or etiquette. Interrupting testimony of the other party is a sure way to get on the bad side of a judge, yet unrepresented people do just that way too often. This may lead a judge to lose patience with them and lean more favorably towards the parent who remains calm and respectful. Think about it, because calm and respectful can easily translate into a more adjusted and socially balanced human being (ie: better parent) in the eyes of a law-upholding judge. Court rooms can be very stressful, so hire a professionally trained attorney to help guide you. Your lawyer should have the experience to know what needs to be said, what shouldn't be said, and what needs to be addressed in court. Your lawyer can also tell you upfront what the court filing fees will cost and how much it is to hire a private process server if it's needed.

An Arizona family law attorney can help increase your odds of getting what is best for you and your family. Under the right situation, if you can't afford an attorney, you may even find a lawyer willing to take on your case pro bono ( free).

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